Presenting FAQ's

What is involved in presenting at iMoot? Get all your questions answered here

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How long is a session?

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Each "session" slot is 90 minutes long. But this does not mean you need to present for this period of time. 

For the sake of programming each slot has the same allocated duration, although presenters can choose to fill as much (or as little) of this slot as they wish. We do ask the following minimum requirements.

Session Length - A session should be no more than 60 minutes and no less than 15 minutes. 

Question Time - We ask that a minimum of 30 minutes be allocated to Q&A sessions with attendees.


Ideas for sessions

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Looking for ideas to create a session on? Why not check out the list below for some inspiration.

  1. Effective course creation and design, getting away from the 'folder'.
  2. User creation, management, site cohorts and groups.
  3. How to be a plugin developer.
  4. MOOCS.
  5. Hosting your own Moodle online.
  6. Using podcasting as a teaching tool.
  7. Using screencasts as a teaching tool.
  8. Effective use of the forums for homework support.
  9. The influence of blended learning.
  10. How Moodle supports eLearning.
  11. Effective use of the Book module for random access presentations.
  12. Effective assessment and feedback.
  13. Using logging and reporting.
  14. Collaborative staff training and support with Moodle Champions.
  15. Managing Moodle upgrades.
  16. How plugins can enhance your Moodle with advantages and disadvantages.
  17. Train your staff and students with free Moodle guides - all about finding the best sources of Moodle learning materials.
  18. Supporting accessibility.

What Technology Is used

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iMoot uses two pieces of software at it's core.

  • Moodle - To facilitate access to each session (you are in Moodle now)
  • BigBlueButton - To facilitate the live delivery.

iMoot staff will provide you access, support and training on these tools before the event begins